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Monday, February 11, 2008

CNY Reunion Dinner

My reunion don't have special dishes...very simple....not much also. Because it is just for 5 of us. And this year a bit different...cos mom cook but she can't eat. She had separate dishes from what we had here. So basically just 4 ppl having these dishes. Mom's one very very light and simple as well. But sis allow her to have few pieces of chicken just for cny. But she can't have much.

Since my 2nd sis and her family migrated to Perth we don't have noisy reunion dinner already. And getting few ppl around. It used to have noisy and happy atmosphere...having kids around is much better one. The dishes used to have more also...duck, prawns etc. Miss old days. This year suppose my 3rd sis follow her husband back to hometown since she just married. But because have to take care mom so can't lor...lucky she is around..if not even less ppl around. sob sob.

Here are the dishes...nothing much one la...just show show. But it was cook by mom...miss her cook for long ler...I long time no go back and she also not cooking nowadays already. I miss some of mom's specialty food ler...

Char Yuk...one of mom's specialty. it is one of hakka food. It is marinated with 'nam yu'. If you guys got eat Muk Yi Mun Char Yuk...so this is the char yuk la...after this you can use it to mun with black fungus.
Then is chicken with spring onions. And following I donno how to describe...may be it is hakka dish also...with 'nam yu' one wrap in sang choy. And also got 1 soup which is pig stomach with abalone soup. Mom had steam vege, steam cod fish, chicken.