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Thursday, May 07, 2009

How I become LM instructor

It all started from Nike Tribe Challenge in October 2005. That time I am still FF member and like to join BodyJam class. Then knew a bunch of bjam addicts and there is this challenge. So we form a group of 5 including an instructor....where I started to know Azie for the first time. She is our instructor and we 4 members...me, Shah, Raymond & Cecilia...wonder where is this Cecilia goes? We spent time together for practicing. We've done our best from in to out and we won the first place. After that got approached ask for joining BodyJam training coming soon in Dec 2005. Since a group of us interested to join so we all together-gether joined the training without any thoughts.

I do not know my decision was right but I enjoyed the milestones and experiences throughout all these years became who I am now. Firstly, very happy got to know more friends in the gym. When I was member I don't make friends. But when took up the training I have more friends nevertheless instructors or members.

Think about the path I've gone thru...it was really hard and difficult. There were time ups and downs and thought of give up. Thanks for friends supporting all these while and made me gone thru hard time. Lots of sweats, lots of hard works, lots of time to make it success. Especially thank to Jason given chances and guidance since day 1 until cleared me in May 2007. Without the chances, without the courage, it will be no me today!

It has been 2 years since I've been teaching BodyJam. Still remember first day of replacing class until got own class and everything everything that makes me get stronger. I've learn not to give up. Learn to put efforts. Learn to accepts comments. Learn to improve and be better.

Time flies, 2 years into teaching...not too long and not short. Every minute is always a learning path. I'm glad in the big family in this industry to had so much fun and enjoyment all these while. Without this I can't imagine how plain my life is.

For BodyStep, trained in mid 2007 (can't really remember :p) and got cleared in early 2008. Still very new in this program. Still learning. And thanks to Barney for all the advices and guidance. Glad I have these 2 peeps - Jason & Barney in TF all these while giving opportunities and lead us to be better. But too bad 2 of them left TF for better ones. Nvm...we still be in touch no matter what!

I'm still new in this industry and long way to be a better one. Of course cannot compare those teaching more than 5 or even 10 years! They are my role model, hope one day can be like them. Will not give up and keep going is what drives me thru the difficult times.

Lastly, wanna thank to Emelda gave chance to start teaching in TF. In fact I started teach with Cardio Wave since August 2006. one of the pioneer and only female in this program. But then too bad stopped for it quite some time since last year. It helps me gain my confidence and instructing skill.

That's how I become LM instructor lah. No matter good of bad things happened...is something good to remember, to experience. Glad and happy who I am now and especially all my friends that I know!

Love you all!