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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

New Hairstyle

Yesterday was public holiday for KL so I just went to salon to do my hair. I've changed to a new look again! My hair now is very straight and black. Look more healthy compare with last time. Still not used to my new look and always need to take care carefully. sigh...lazy to take care like tat. so troublesome. but want pretty mar wat can I do?? The hairstylist ask me don't wash hair for 3 days I was "HUH" you know I can't wash my hair even a day and now 3 days wor... don't know I can stand such long or not. But if not will waste all the efforts wor. This time did my hair cost me a lot. 1 third of my bonus gone! These few days really spent a lot for preparing cny. pok kai again liao...

dang dang dang dang...new hair style!!

This evening got an interview in phileo damansara. A bit bored going for interview. Most hate is doing the technical test. Kind of fed up for interviews without any good news... *sad* Wish this time all the best la.

These few days were peaceful days. My ex didn't disturb me or appear out of sudden. Hope this is for long. I try not to go out these few days as to avoid him and I got lots of orders for crystals which needed to be finished before cny!!! OMG can't sleep early again for this week...rush rush rush gotta rush for the orders! =(