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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Open House

Last Sunday my house got an open house in Seremban. All my father side relatives came to my house. We had pot luck party. Everyone brought one dish. Can see the old folks very enjoy the night. I was so tired that day although didn't do much work. Just walk around or sitting there alone. Actually I'm not so close to them. Because I'm the youngest and too young to know them well last time. Then apart from them and seldom keep in touch. A bit bored for me.

Click on the link here View Photos to view the photos taken that night.

How's CNY? I spent most of the time in the house. It is god damn hot all the day. I only can go out at night. => Had lou sang with different group of friends and played mahjong till 3-4am almost every night =p. Won little bit money. Hmmm my gamble luck not bad...kekeke


coconino said...

sounds like u had a blast on ur new yr woh. wish i can be home with my family and frens as well...

oh well, the day will come... i am sure. and when it does, i hope we can meet and go out for a cup of coffee!

Shirlyn said...

definitely..not only a cup of coffee but clubbing as well hohoho. we've chatted for long but never seen each other in person. really wish to c u soon.