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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Where am I and What I am doing?

It's long time no blog. arrghh a bit lazy to do so. Lately don't know why feel tired easily. I think is getting old reason. Ok just have some updates about me lately yeah.

Work: Busy at work and spent all the time programming. That's why no time to blog or others. Besides, went interviews. It is weird, when no offer then none at all but when have it then have 2 offers. Will reject first job offer and accept second one. It is better offer with salary that I've expected and do something totally new and different from what I'm doing. Feel exciting to do it and will like to take the challenge. It is time for me to change on my same old bored days. Once started new job will have no more times for own stuffs. Well for changes and better life this has to sacrify. OK now I'm in the mid of resigning and signing offer letter. Probably will start new work in June.

Life: Usual, work then go gym after work. Or just hang around with friend. Lately tired so go gym lesser. But I wanna go more often from next month onwards for the sake of my objective! Last weekend cleaned up my room and change the interior settings. Feel new and different environment. Need to get used to it. But the room yet to be cleaned 100% :p Think gotta wait for another weekend to do so. Recently do more on crystal business stuffs. Take orders, do more designs and samples. But mostly will send to my sis in Perth for sale. Profits better. Plan to have own stalls for this business soon. I really wish I can concentrate on this cos am interested. Well it is still need to have planning.

Holiday: Yeah! definitely will have holiday. Going to Perth visit my sis from 8-23 May. Looking forward for the days! But according to my sis it will be cold.