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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Offer Letter is ready

Just got a call from new company and the offer letter is ready at last! Will go and pick up probably tomorrow. My current boss just gave me increment letter yesterday. Oh...now current job and new job just 200 bucks difference. 200 is tat much to you? Well, I think I will still leave because not only the pay higher but also the new job more interesting although I don't know I'm capable to do it. No try no hope right?

Oh yeah, next Thursday is holiday so just had sudden plan yesterday decided to go Redang Island!! Hurray!! here I come lovely beach and sea. So tonight gotta go shopping and get something needed...hee hee wish to get new bikini although I have 2 sets. Always wish to have lots of bikini sets and wear it often. I just like them very much.

After shopping tonite will go for free movie "SAHARA". My colleague gave me the tickets from some where and he is not free to go. yeah lately I'm addicted to movies. Almost all latest movies I've watched even upcoming showing hohoho. It is because I bought more than 30s DVDs past weeks at cheap price =p