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Friday, January 02, 2009

Seremban Food...Rich Lunch

Last weekend was in Seremban so take a chance to try back the food that I've missed for long long time. This chicken rice I ate it since very young with my family. I remembered before school or after school sure go with parents and siblings. Until the food seller know us very well. What so special with the chicken rice? chicken rice is second. I like the most is the black char siew we called it burnt char siew cos very very black one. The sauce sweet and sticky and yummy. And I like the soup very much also. It is cucumber soup which you can't get the taste else where. Last weekend I purposely drive over there to ta bao home eat with sis. Let's show u the pics lar....
the shop name
the chicken rice with siew yuk...still good taste wor
yay at last tried the dark char siew again...still yummy
Another thing to say about the restaurant I went for dinner. The food no doubt are good especially the fish head beehoon. But don't go during weekend!! U have to wait for super long! We were pissed with the service and slowness of the food came out. Not because of the food I will leave early. Just a complaint about this shop and let you know the shop's name! kekeke
Rich Lunch!!!
Today first day work in 2009. Out of sudden boss came in our office and count how many of us. Then ask us wanted go lunch or not. I was wonder why leh? later found out he wants to buy everyone lunch lor. total 19 of us who back to work (those still on holiday no 'hao fuk' lar ;) ). Didn't know where lunch until reach there. Donno the restaurant name, donno where it is, just know some where in KL. kakaka. because not me driving and first time go to this place. Quite an old building but got this chinese restaurant. We booked 2 tables and know what we having??? hehhee we having expensive dishes just like those wedding dinner :p for lunch leh.
I was too hungry and forgot take pics and lazy take lar. Pai seh to ask everyone wait for me take pics only can start eating. Just managed took 2 and will show later. Let me tell what are the dishes first.
1. "lang poon" which consists of 4 types dishes, 海贽with abalone slice, pork rib, crab meat and shark fin's fried egg, 佛跳墙 (chicken cubes with fried yam).
2. 鱼翅 Sharfin's soup
3. 乳猪 Piglet
4. Batin Patin Fish
5. Yin Yong Duck and Chicken
6. Vegetarian dish includes lots of mushrooms and nai bak (love the mushrooms)
7. 腊肠Fried Rice
8. Dessert - Omochi &窝饼 and longan soup
I think that's all we had. Very yummy and rich leh. I ate so full until now no dinner at all :p Donno why boss so good. May be is new year's lunch for first day of work in 2009. That's good de neh...but other side spoiled my diet plan! sob sob :p
Actually I have an ulcer on my inner lip so pain leh. But still can eat so much hoh. hahaha. Imagine I just have one ulcer already feel the pain. Can't imagine my mum whole mouth lips or tongue full of ulcers. Can't blame her don't eat and drink lar. Kesian mum lar :(....she still stay in hospital and probably only can discharge next Monday. Then it will be 1 week stay in hospital leh. I know mum doesn't want to stay in hospital and she wants get better. However still the same...slow recover. sigh. I really really hope she recovers soon and no need suffer like this lar. I feel the pain as she is feeling now but just 1% of hers. :((( Went back see her yesterday and tomorrow and sunday will visit her as well. Try to be with her as much time as I can. I am tired of driving but have to lar. Wish any god around please help my mum recovers....
good night....


zarrien08 said...

I suka la bab makan2 ni heheh.. yummyyy!!
Kak Shirlyn!! U salah lagi!! bukan ikan batin ler.. ikan patin.. hehehe.. so funny ler u.. always confident cakap bm tapi salah wakakaka.. :P

Shirlyn said...

wakakkakaa oooopppsss soli spelling wrongly. hehe from the malay I wrote know how poor my bahasa is!!! bahasa is the lousiest subject I had when school time leh. sekarang lagi worst. tak cakap tak tulis :p

thanks for correcting me!!