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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Wrap Up

Today is last day of 2008. Have to say good bye soon. Year pass year..hopefully a new year a better one. Have you guys look back what you've done for the entire year? What did you achieve in your life? Did you meet your objectives? I have a bad memory. I can't recall every single things that happened. I may only remember the big things happened, what I achieved (may be not), what I've been thru, what happened up and down. Of course everyone had been thru all these no matter good or bad...now you are here and say goodbye to 2008. You should be glad you are still here to recall the past year...you've been thru the worst time you ever had and you've enjoyed the most happiest moments in the year.
My one? I can say many many things happened and I can say happy times more than sad times. It should be this way...try to be happy always instead sad. Although unhappy times will happen but look at it at a bright side. I've learnt to be more positive to see things. Take things easily. Appreciates anyone that you know and treat them good. Being nice to others no mean to have returns. As long as you are happy to give your loves.
It seems I have many things to write but I donno how to write. I also donno what I've achieved for the past year. What I've did wrong. I just want to ask for a forgiveness from anyone of you for my mistakes if I did hurt you. Wish all my friends and anyone of you that I know a very very Happy New Year and a good year ahead regardless what. The most important is all stay healthy and happy always! :) Believe will be a better year for everyone!!! Believe in it and it will happen :D