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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Back!

Hi all...how are you guys. I'm just back from holiday. I know I've been long time no update my blog. I have too much to put up here and yet no mood and time to do it. Be patient and for sure I will do it especially my holiday pics! At first thought of update blog daily when in holiday. But seriously no time and I can't access internet all the time. Too bad. But I'll catch up and show you guys where I've been to. promised yeah!
Here to write a short post first and tell you guys I'm still alive. I'm still doing good...may be just some down and sad times...but no worries yeah...I promised to be more positive and be strong and be happy always. This is what I want for now!
Just now went for happy hour after work with my beloved steph sis....thanks to her willing have a talk and I feel better after the talk. And feel even better after 2 cups of beer....and even even feel better doing a class with 'high' condition...lucky not teaching but shadowing. It gives me power..give me energy...drive me to the max. I felt good after the class. At least I tried hard to push. Telling myself keep it up and keep it hard push and push to the max...I know I can do it! Just do it!! hehe


zarrien08 said...

yea!!! u're BACK!! BACK FOR GOOD!! :D