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Monday, June 08, 2009


我也不知这“失恋”能够形容我现在的处境。为什么?简单。。从没得何来失?对, 从没真正恋过,但肯定的是我对这段感情是认真,有美好的期待。但梦想破灭。我的心情好如失恋的悲伤。 非常伤心与可惜。好想念他的一切一切。:((


Su-Yee said...

hi gurl,
try focus on other things ok? you can do it! canbadeh! love yourself then love will come:)read some books maybe?or get a new hobby:)

Shirlyn said...

i will try make myself busy. want to forget the pain. forget everything. my focus should be something else now.

pinkmaple said...

hey dear, hope everything coming will be fine for u. cheers ^^