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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What's wrong with today?

Since the bad thing happened to me...everything like just bad and not smooth at all. I can't concentrate...especially while driving...I felt myself more careless while driving. Some other tiny hiccups happened to me also. How I wish can just not to do anything. For my safety or mind rest...
But life goes on. I can't just stopped. Keep moving and driving thru it. Although might crashed but that's destine I cant control it.
Wanted to get someone help cover class tonight but been calling almost every bodyjam instructor but none of them are free tonight!!! what's wrong? why why why?? When I need help no one able to help. I just want to have a rest day free my mind and have good times with friends. I'm tired of all these. Tiredness make ppl more fragile. Lead to think more... I don't want.
How can I get thru this? Why there is no one able to help me tonight??? sigh...