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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I was pissed

Because of someone's conveniences I have to sacrifice. Heard about ppl's happiness build on other's pain? By this morning I still pissed until I wrote an email out to voice out my situation. Things get better after. The wonder of my email. Pissed because I lost 2 permanent classes for 1 class but end up I didn't get any. Lucky I got xpeace advice me to send an email to tell the story. Lucky I did, else I will not have it back.

Last night I felt appreciate by gym members. I let go yesterday's class because of the opportunity given else where (at first I don get the class but now I got it back). However how I wish I can have both at the same time which I suppose to have. But now is the fact so I have to choose one. The monday class @ Jaya33 last night was my 2nd and last time taught there. I enjoyed it. Hope the members do as well. Met one of the member that joined the class later, she recognize me, talked to me and ask me will she sees me next week. Suppose I can tell her "yeah, you will see me 2 weeks later as I will alternating the class". But too bad I have to say "sorry dear, it was my last time teaching here, starting next month will not be me anymore". It sad right? You know that someone looking forward for your class but you don't have one for them. She even introduce herself to me and ask my name. Said will see me next time if see me. so nice :)

Another member met in the gym last night who used to join my cardio wave class in jaya33 on Friday. The class was cut due to cost cutting. She came and ask me, why never see me teach anymore. I told her the truth. Then she said why no teach again. She some more said my class fun. And she only join mine and the other wave instructor's class on other day. I feel flattered hearing this. Although no longer teaching cardio wave but still got member remember me and wish I teach back can make you feel grateful. There is another time I replaced cardio wave 2 weeks back, told them just replacement and only day I teach. One of the girl ask me why don't teach cardio wave, ask me teach lah. But I have no choice to tell her no class for me so I don't teach lor. Happy that at least got members appreciate me. It is a big motivation for the passion. I know there are preferences for anybody. I hope I can be their preference all the while. Will do all my best.

I'm quite nervous for next week onwards taking over the class offered. I hope I can maintain it, bring my best to the class. wish me luck. *finger cross*

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