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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Anyone cares?

When I want to talk - no one is listening
When I want to share how I feel - no one share with me

Is this telling me that no matter what, my problem is still my problem and no one can help then there is no needs that friends that you wish them be with you, talk to you, share with you?

It is not necessary when you tell, you will get help or solve the problem. But it is important a someone there willing to listen, to share, or just give an advice or shows a care more than enough. I don't wish for more, all I want is true friends that care for me and cheering me up. But how come it is so difficult to get?

A simple words or a little of time will make difference. Is it difficult? Do I still have your care?

I want to be cheered up, I want happy again, I want be optimistic. All these like so hard for me at this moment. Totally out of the mood. Anyone can help?

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Audrey Lau said...

You have forgotten about me! I am always there for you. Once I told you before, still remember this - 朋友是一起分享快乐与悲哀?