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Thursday, September 03, 2009

G Rap in BJ47 Beat Goes On

Here the rap lyrics:
Yo, uhn. Here’s an introduction to do if you.
Ain’t heard of Bodyjam you’re through to the Dr. who.
Operates on your sense it seems, like every track the people can’t help but scream.
Bu bu uh bu bu wha wha wha wha the …
Freakin’ crazy like you’re totally FUBAR, what?!
Ok, a slight exaggeration but this is the jish that gets you high with my motivation.
Gotta stand up, and let your hair out, And drop your ass to the floor, you can break out
And no, I wouldn’t be surprised if you pass out
We’re gonna dance so hard, you put your back out.
You don’t believe me? Then come and see me.
We blow that competition up so easy.
One hundred percent New Zealand made styles for real with an international appeal, I feel A Bodyjam, now.
Could it get anymore fresh, now?
I think we just did, just now.
So Ev-ery-bo-ah-dy dance, now.
A little contemporary bit of hiphop.
Then the boom boom beat blow your class up
Feelin' that style hit the right spot
Like a nail on the head, like a G-spot, My name is G, what?!