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Friday, November 12, 2004

Will not blog for time being

wow, I really donno I stoppend blogging for half a month. Lately busy and really no mood to write. Also nothing special to write. Hope my friends out there don't feel bored seeing my blog yeah. Later after my trip I'll write some interesting n upload photos.

I'll not online after today. Will back to work only on 23 Nov. So you guys don't miss me so much wor hee hee...

OK Enjoy Holiday whoever deserves it! ta ta


Stephannie said...

Have a safe trip my dear, enjoy yourself as you really deserve this break! Don't forget to bring along some immodiums just in case u know, the hygiene in China may not live up to your standards. Catch u more when you are back. *hugs*

Shirlyn said...

OK I will my dear sis.. *hugz*