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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Back from holiday

At last my holiday ended. But still in holiday mood =p I took an extra day off on yesterday to have a good rest. Been walking too much until my legs broken and left donno no where. hahaha

Here is my photos taken during the trip. Here another photo album newly added. A lot photos right? hahahha slowly view lor...

My trip journal:

Day 1: Depart from KLIA and transit in Changi Airport. Reached Guang Zhou at 3 something in the afternoon. We checked in hotel named Ai Qun Hotel (爱群大酒店) which just opposite Pearl River (珠江). Used to be very famous building in Guang Zhou. Then we had seafood dinner. The food ok lar but too oily to us and too much. That's because my bro-in-law's relative ordered for us. I think we had 14-15 dishes. Anyway 10 of us just cost RMB500+. After dinner we went to Beijing Road (北京路) for shopping. Just a short shopping for first day and do not buy anything. First to do some survey. Anyway we all are tired and back to hotel rest. We walked back to hotel from Beijing Road took us half an hour. We all very very tired and legs seriously sore.

Day 2: Had nice breakfast which are porridge, yummy dumpling and cheong fun. Cheap and delicious food. Only cost 3-5RMB per item. Then we walk to another shopping place called 海珠广场 which can buy anything in very cheap retail price but in certain quantity. Bought little from there because not much time there. Then we head to another shopping street called 上下九路. We shopped from day till night. Anyway their day shorter then night. Sunset at around 6 something. It is nice walking along the street with cool wind but it is not really cold at all. We enjoyed our shopping and everyone bought what they want. We even changed to new jacket just bought. =) But this night we have to walk miles again back to hotel which we try to save money not to take cab and we do not have any map guide us! In fact the distance quite near to our hotel but we took long way...damn tired also. Advice: If you wanna walk try to get a map first before you start walk. It will save your time and energy,

Day 3: Woke up early prepare to go Zhu Hai (珠海). We left our luggage in the hotel where we stay because we will back to Guang Zhou. It takes 1 hour plus to reach Zhu Hai. On the way almost reaching town, we stopped by a place of interest (珠海渔女) to snap some pics. There is a story about this statue which you can refer to my album and written short synopsis about the story. We reached hotel at about 1pm then we went for an expensive lunch in underground shopping mall which near to Zhu Hai & Macau custom (供北港口). We spent whole day just shopping underground but yet still not finish our shopping which we all tired and wanna dinner. Well the things there consider cheap and nice. If you know how to bargain you can get best price. One thing to say is the resturant food here not oily and more delicious then Guang Zhou restaurant food.

Day 4: After breakfast we do some shopping again in the underground mall and back to hotel check out then walk 5 minutes to the custom to go over Macau. Macau heldinig 50th Grand Prix for F3 racing. Most of the roads closed and caused traffic jam. We can hear the racing sounds and even see the racing cars. We left our baggage in Lisboa Casino (葡京) for free then go to the famous place of interests 大三巴 snap some pics then walk back to the casino and go in play few games. Then we quickly catch jet foil from ferry station (港澳码头) to Hong Kong. It took 1 hour for us to reach Hong Kong. From the ferry station we take MTR to hotel. Damn, got to walk far away to the hotel which we all don't know where it is without any map! Lucky the hotel in HK got map provided so next day we won't missing in no where. hee hee. We had quite expensive dinner in HK compare with Guang Zhou or even in Malaysia. Stays and meals in HK quite expensive. My sisters they all shop at Miu Kai (庙街) but me and Calvin just walk around the streets near by and take pics. After refreshed only both of us went to Lam Kwai Fong (兰桂坊) to take a look. Nothing special there only few happening pubs with lots of guai lou. *no chance meet any actors or actress..blehhh* I think KL pubs more happening than HK one. Still prefer KL lifes. Guess what, we took mini bus back to hotel leh. It is much much more cheaper by taking cab!

Day 5: Had breakfast then shop at Mong Kok. Nothing special, the streets crowded with peoples and I did not buy anything. Saw Hello Kitty handphone set which is special. My sis bought it for her daughter hee hee...I can play around with it. We left HK around evening to catch a direct train from HK to Guang Zhou. It takes 1 hour plus to reach Guang Zhou via Shen Zhen. First plan to stop by Shen Zhen but too rush for us so just forget it. I think Shen Zhen nothing much to see and give me an impression a dirty and unsafe place. Lucky we do not go so many places as we all very very tired rushing and walking around. Advice: next time plan more time to stay at 1 place instead just 1 day. It is a harsh to go so many places within short time. We had late dinner at our favourite shop near the hotel. hee hee. I should recommend this shop for my friends that I really love their dumpling! haha

Day 6: Go back to the same shopping streets that we shopped before. We can't finish shopping for 1 whole street in a day. But we still go to new shopping mall far away from hotel which called Tee Mall (天河城). I did not get anything from there because expensive. Still prefer go to those streets selling very cheap goods. We had 粤菜 as dinner. This kind of dishes consists of hakka, cantonese, tiochew dishes. It is famous dishes. You should try when you in Guang Zhou. Also, this time treated by my bro-in-law relatives and we had more than 10 dishes. Guess we are shopping queens and kings...we still go shopping after dinner. hohoho... But this time going back to hotel by cab. Become smarter right? hahahaha we do not dare to walk far again.

Day 7: Again, shopping shopping shopping! hahahaha last minute shop and buy whatever we want! This is the most terrible day among the days. Walk lot more than usual and rush more than usual. But still enjoyed and can bought something we like lor...hee hee...Hmm although very tired but happy to had delicious lunch. The wan tan mee nice. The shop located at 上下九路. It is famous with wan tan mee, beef noodle (牛三星), seafood mee and the dessert delicious also. Especially 双皮奶 you must try this dessert when in Guang Zhou. Special thing but you have to get it from right shop lor. Others desserts like 姜撞奶 & 芝麻糊 etc...very nice also. arghhh miss the delicious food there. The last night there was so so so tired but have to pack. How I wish the holiday never end....

ok that's all the journal...it is long and too details. Hope you enjoy reading it and any questions can ask me. I can be a tour guide for you if you interested to go hahahaha. Almost familiar with the shopping place there. The goods and food really really cheap there provided you know how to search for it!