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Monday, November 01, 2004

Biz Trip Cancelled

Few days ago got to know my biz trip is cancelled. Why? It is because the company over Germany found the problems and solving it so no need me go over for investigation. Sad and happy feeling I had when got to know the news. Sad - can't go to Germany n other places. Happy - not going there alone without prepared myself. Well, I think still got chances for me to go. No worry be happy =)

Anyway biz trip cancelled but holiday trip still resume... hahaha I'm going to China with my family during Hari Raya period for a week...yuhooo I think this trip more exciting because I can go for shopping n shopping!!! cheap cheap cheap! hee hee *looking forward for the trip* *wink*

Hey sis, sorry tat I can't visit you this time. But looking forward to see you when you got back here!


Stephannie said...

hmm nvm la... only 4 more months to go so it's not long. Have lots of fun in China, wrap yourself up cos it will be cold during this time. Hey mind the pirated stuff eh! =)

chris @ taregwen said...

so nice u have ur China trip on, Happy holiday to you. Weather is a bit cold, do take care and enjoy yourself~~~

Shirlyn said...

thanks friends I will make sure myself wrap like a ball kekekeke...yeah must careful not cheated by them also.

Judy Chow said...

lyn, FYI the Chris is my fren actually, I login her site to manage her blog setting, not realise the signature..so accidentally...dun mind yeah :P

Shirlyn said...

Judy, not a problem.