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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

bai bai....

this early morning my sis n niece flying off to perth already. sigh...will be long time can't see them.. anyway will plan to visit them in June. will get cheaper air fare from matta fair helding soon. So now I'm saving my leave for this trip. Yes looking forward for it!!!

hmmm these few days very eng in the office. donno wat to do and internet up n down. sien. recently i'm trying hard to go interview hee heee.... this weekend there is a company having walk-in interview...thinking to try on it. but then hoh first time for me n donno how's the atmosphere there...a bit scare of too crowded.

now everyday after work donno wat to do. just plan go home cook for dinner n watch show. may be some day call up friends for dinner or drinks. n planning to resume gym activities tomorrow onwards since stopped for long. I wish to gain back my health soon and slimmer by cny. (*.*) worry my stamina low n cant take exercise for long...try my best lar.

so my friends out there, next time any hanging out pls call me yeah. If I'm free for sure will join!