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Friday, January 07, 2005

It's Friday!!!

Yippie is another weekend coming. Look like this weekend past by very fast. why leh? hee hee because this week I just worked for 3 days. I went to Genting Highland since new year eve till Tuesday only return. Back to work on Wednesday. It is good and time flies if work only 3 days in a week hee hee...So, what's ur plan for coming weekend? I'll going back to Seremban to spend more time with my sis and niece who are leaving 2 weeks later.

Recently really a lot ppl go genting leh. When I'm there always pack with ppl and hotel almost fully booked. When I was there weather a bit cold and with a lot of mist. Heard that got land slide. Yeah it is true, I saw the land slide when going back. But still a lot ppl go up there wor. Think nothing serious ler.