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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Holiday Mood

Now just having holiday mood going for Redang Island. No more mood of working in this week hee hee. I'm leaving on Wed night driving up to Kuala Terengganu then next day morning will reach the island in the morning. It is 3D2N trip. Yesssss so happy looking forward....
Yesterday already tender my resignation. Wonder my boss today got what to say to me. I know all my bosses don't wanna me go but nothing can stop me if I really wanna go. This company not bad but I want to have some change. Do something different from what I'm doing. Hopefully it is a good move.
Lately been looking for property. Just went to PWTC for MAPEX fair. See any good and nice house/condo which I can buy not. Started plan to have own property. I think it is the time. But myself don't like too much commitment and I don't know I can't bear it or not....will see.


Judy Chow said...

Happy happy holiday to you and also happy to start work at new place ya!