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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Having Holiday

My office now having power failure for my department floor. So everybody can knock off early. I'm still here waiting friend and go to KT liao. hee hee it is good leave early and make the plan better. Tomorrow early morning will go to Redang Island kekekeke. So will be back end of the week.

Just now my boss discuss with me whether can let me leave company earlier. Ohhhh that's good if he does. My new company will be happy if know this. And I can change environment earlier. My boss reason is since now can't assign me new job and I'm takingi leave in May for perth trip. So plan to let me go end of May. In this case I can start new job in June. That will be great! And he told me this is the first time they do so if it is....how lucky I am.

OK is time for me to leave. Will take more photos and enjoy the trip ;) Share it when I'm back lar. Happy holiday to all yeah...


coconino said...

change company again? change is good... change is for the better right. All the best girl!

Shirlyn said...

change but not change again hee hee. I'm always looking for new company but end up work with current about 3 years lor. current is 1st job in Malaysia so new one will be 2nd job.