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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Still in Holiday Mood

Just got back from Perth on Monday. Feel tired and miss the place there. Yesterday started to work but no mood at all! I feel emptiness and blur whole day. The weather here so hot and it make me sick. I miss the weather in Perth and the relaxing life style there... Plan to go again soon provided time and money allow kekeke.

I've taken whole bunch of photos (whatever also take) but lazy to compile it. Soon I'll post it here yeah. There are a lot of things to tell from the photos. Hope I'm patient enough to do so...kind of lazy now after the trip...... bleh

My last day in current company will be 31st May. So now in the process of handing over my works. I think following days I'll be free for nothing... Will start my new job in 6th June. hehehe that's my request. I wish to have some day off in between next week hee hee. So I got time to meet up friends and settle some stuffs. Anyone wanna have lunch with me?

OK next post will tell more about my trip!