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Monday, June 13, 2005

Problematic Day

At Work:
After a week of work getting used to the working environment. Since starting new job I got problem with my new pc. OS settings cause problems, work related application installation causes problems...sigh. But all a week solving and today finally can get what I want (hopefully no problems for coming days..*pray to god*). These really need to thanks to my new nice colleagues especially the 'nice & kind & leng chai takumi' hee hee. Until now I still got no idea what I suppose to do in this company =p. Hopefully I'm not blur soon.


Today plan after work and leave punctual at 6pm to meet up steph and go visit new fitness call True Fitness. So I left at 6pm together with another colleague. When I get my car, I got shocked! My ex standing around and coming near to my car. I locked my car and didn't let him come in my car. He insists wan to go home with me and have a nice talk. But I do have plan and of course can't let him go with me. After a while my colleague left together see something wrong and walk to my car see what's wrong. Because don't want trouble anyone and cause anythin happen so have to let my ex in my car. Then I just drove away. He really make me mad like crazy. Why doesn't he accept the break off??? He insists want to have a talk and know the reason why I decided to break off. He doesn't believe my reasons and said I keeping secre from him. He insists we still can work out well and wanna together like old days.

As my friends out there who follows my blog last time surely know me and him break n patch many times till countless. I've already fed up and really really tired on this kind of relationship. I want it over! That's it. I don't want hold it anymore. Why I must suffer like this? So I decided really want to break off this time no matter how. I'm worrying how am I make him let me go? He is so stubborn and I know some reasons he still want to be with me. Although what I did too means but I just want it over and make him understands what my purpose. No matter how I will make it end. Tell me...how am I make someone understand and accept the break up? He keeps saying the reason I told him is not the reason. I actually got something else hide behind. What the fuck (sorry I have to say such) what I tell are truth nothing else. I really donno how to make him to understand.

I wanted drop him half way but he rejected. He just sit in my car even I open door and ask him get out. I really cant stand him anymore. He made me cry countless times. Even though I having bad sorethroat and I don't care and just shout loud ask him get out my car. I don't want talk to him anymore. Lucky he give up talk to me at that time and just leave me alone. I hate him appear infront of me out of sudden and especially stopping me or delaying me for my plan. He always did so and so scary.... He still havent give up and want to have a peace talk to me. But I plan to avoid him. I know there is no result from the talk. And my answer still the same. He really spoilt my mood for the day. morning in MSN already made me cried. Then after work scared me again. Why he wants to torture me wor??


Tonight is the first time meet my beloved sis Steph. She is so cute and always active as I know her. We already knew each other for a year plus thru net but never meet before. So happy can see her at last. We are like long time friends meet again. No such feeling of meeting new net friend. We meet up to pay a visit to True Fitness at sri hartamas. This fitness not as good as my expectation. Although it is big but the layout of machines and many stairs confused me and I don't like. Feel lousy about their consultant presentation. Not professional at all. Compare to service FF still better. Although TF machines newer and more but.... I only interested on the classes. What is good from them is they provided whole day Yoga and Pilates classes in separate studio. They really got different types of Yoga lor...which I'm interested. When come to price first the consultant said Joining RM750, Admin RM90 and Monthly RM190 then I say to myself that's it. It is not attract me and even more expensive than FF. Who knows later he gives offer Joining reduced to RM180, Admin waived and Monthly RM155 if pay by certain credit cards. Aiyah straight tell us the price u wanna give lar...why take big round? It is surely not under my consideration is bcos it's location and only one outlet. In conclusion not attract me at all. I still prefer FF which I can go anywhere I want. I've joined FF for 2 years and I still there. royal customer hoh...hee hee.

I'm so happy and lucky to meet steph. I'm the first comm member meet her. And met Ray, her bf as well. Nice to meet you both! "To my sis Steph, no matter what problems I will always here support you. Don't sad and unhappy k. Any problems can solve but just need time. Don't give yourself too much pressure. Love ya." next time join me out more yeah. I will start party again just for u! hehehe. And wish you good luck and no worry on starting first job on wednesday. Relax relax :>

Tomorrow nite will go FF together with steph. Just let her visit those fitness center available in KL for her to make her mind. I hope she will like FF. So next time we can go gym together!


Stephannie said...

IT was my pleasure to meet you sis! I already can foresee us having lots of good time together in the future. heehee... call me later yeah? =)

Shirlyn said...

me have the same feeling too =p