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Friday, June 13, 2008

Just Eat

Since I joined this new company I think I gain weight a bit liao. Although just 1 week plus. Reason? because now in UAT process. Working with users. So my company provide tea time everyday for users and our staffs. Oh by the way...I am now base in customer site together with the team...about 10+ ppl. They all have been base here for more than 1 year. Since started work never back to my own office which located in KL. Currently am in Digi shah alam.

Here nothing to eat one! so have to drive out. But I just follow few times as I don wan trouble colleagues. So try to bring breakfast and lunch here. But today got farewell for a colleague so have to go out. Whole team go together with digi team. 20 of us. Went to Tai Thong subang had dim sum. ate quite full leh. Then later got tea time again. and tonight got company dinner at Lemon Garden, Shangrila Hotel. Boss said is the buffet one. hehe. Today just eat and eat and eat!! FAT FAT FAT....alamak....

Gotta start diet tomorrow onwards....next week got launch some more must keep fit fit hehe. OK la stop here first....going to update more. many things wanna write but at work not so convenient. Stay tuned!! hiak...many pics coming on the way also ;)