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Monday, June 16, 2008

I Feel Weak

As weak in everything. Physically and mentally.

Felt my body getting weaker compare to last time. Just last weekend during class I nearly blackout. Due to no eat? even eat a little also same. Breathless. Oxygen not reach to brain. Seldom got such condition but last week really worst. Also may be not enough sleep. It's been long I am having sleep problem...although very sleepy very tired still can't sleep well or get my butt to the bed! donno why. Just may be too many things to do and yet got no time to finish? However still not done anything yet! so contradicting hoh. ish ish. Lately I crave for cold drink at late night as well. Drank too much cold drinks. Not good for body. Felt it now. Wanted to cut down but hard. I don't used to drink cold drinks but not lately! damn. how to stop? Must stop! Not good at all.

My mind easily get break down by something nowadays. I felt that no matter how hardworking you are...how much you try your best still same result. No one will appreciate. No one favor you. Comparisons will let you down. How to improve? Or just leave it? Since you can't compete with others? And also I think I have no luck at all in particulars things. People gets what they want easily but to me I wish it for long time still unable to get it. Not even a chance. sigh. Why is such unfair thingy? Want it but don't dare to expect it. Always will let me down which for sure. Whose problem? Most probably my problem. It's no good!! That's why I said myself WEAK!!


Su-Yee said...

try vitamin E. i felt weak untill i started taking it few weeks ago. u can go for fish oil. but if you are afraid of contaminated fish, then when u come to taipan, go to christina cheah clinic, the row behind burger king, ask for soya oil. RM60 to last you 2 months.

as long as you try your best, then dun worry about comparison. always remember you are stong and talented in other ways. and you are a unique individual that no one can compare:)