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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Still Here

Very sorry to my readers. I know it's been long long time no update my blog. got some friends keep asking me when will update blog...aiks...my reason always said no time!!

Seriously since last month till now been busy la. Went for a trip then prepare to start work. Yeah I've started work start from June. Jobless in May. But I was busy teaching classes during that period. So physically and mentally tired. Now even worst. Start new job and it is taxing. no time to rest at all!! so where got time and mood to write blog leh???

I have many many things pending to put in here. Many pics from bangkok trip also. But yet got time to do it!! aiyoh...this month is a busy month for me.

Many things happened also. alot of changes and hard for me to adapt. also settle for my own problems. sob sob :(

Soon I'll update my blog. Cant delay too long. if not even more things to write. hehe. I'll be back!