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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CS Collection

What is CS? It means Coastal Scents. It's a brand of cosmetics in US. hehe. yeah...recently interested in buying US brand's cosmetics online! Don't think that it's expensive. It is not at all! Very much cheaper than the prices here. CS has a good quality products from my opinion. Especially love their palettes! Remember my previous post of 88 palette? Actually it is one of the product from CS. But I got it locally. Wonder is it really from US or imitate. But the quality is good as it is from the real CS palette. Been using 88 palette alot and so far love it very much! Thanks to Fanny introduce me this..haha. Because of her then I start look into CS website and so wanted to have their other palette and brushes. Thank again to Fanny make my wallet thinner :D. I got to know one of my friend coming back from US for cny holiday. Just on time to order online and send to this friend to bring it back. Save my delivery cost leh. Quite a lot. Thank you Ah Cai!! hehe owe u big big meal but donno when can return to u :p...Am I talk too much? eagerly to know what's my collection? ok ok here the pics of all my collection from CS.

Palettes that I have:
88 Makeup Palette
No need I say anymore..it has so many colors mix and match. I had just tried few colors so far.
26 Shadow Blush Combo Palette
Like the colors combination and very useful.
Contour and Blush Palette
It's hot!! I just got it today...yet to try it. It was out of stock for some time.
Brushes Collection: 
Haven't try the brushes yet. It instructed to wash for the first time. But yet lazy + no time to do it :p will do it soon so I can try all the brushes :D...am still learning what kind of brushes use for what purposes...
3pcs Limited Edition Brush Set
It consists of - Face/Blush Brush, Kabuki Brush, Concealer Brush
What's inside in this pink bag?
Here you go...Pink Kabuki Brush, Foundation Concealer Brush (Large), Pink Synthetic Oval Foundation, Pink Round Crease Eye Brush, Italian Badger Round Crease Brush, Black Deluxe Shadow, Angle Blush Brush, Blending Brush, Chisel Fluff Large Shadow Brush, Chisel Angle Fluff Shadow Brush, Chisel Fluff/Pointed Crease Duet, White Angled liner Brush
They mistaken on my order. The gave me extra White Angled liner Brush and less one crease brush but the pricing about the same so I didn't go ask for it.
All brushes from CS in my collection :D wuhooo....first time own so many brushes at one time
Gel Liner - Indigo Blue
Suppose order Black as well but it is out of stock so they refund to me.

Interested to check out their website? Here you go Coastal Scents


Cindy said...

wah - the colors and the brushes all so nice! so tempting!!!

Shirlyn said...

CC: tempting leh? I was tempted and bought it. kakaka. It is not expensive and quality good. I love them so much.

The brushes are soft too...

fann fann said...

trust me. its the best! comparable to mac

Shirlyn said...

yayaya so so so much cheaper than MAC but their brushes comparable to MAC!