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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Want to Sell

I wanted to sell my camera and intend to get a smaller one. Anyone interested you can contact me by leaving a message here or email to me ok? Price negotiable but message me personally first. Hopefully can sell it by this month because I wanted to get new one before going for holiday :D
Canon Powershot S3IS

And my brother in law wanted to sell his Canon 450D. Not sure is he seriously wanted to sell or just joking. That day I play with it and interested then he give me a price and ask me wanted to buy or not. hehehe to me it's too expensive. But the price is lower than retail price. It's just bought not long ago and still very new. Interested? Ask me. :D
Canon EOS 450D


ahhou said...

oh yea, oh yea...
450D... hhhmmmm...
We shall 'bincang' in private ya.