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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Mixture of feeling

My sis and her family 4 of them migrating to Perth soon. I'm happy that they manage to get what they want but sad when think of not seeing them often anymore in future. At first they plan my bro-in-law will go there first by this weekend. Then my sis, nephew and niece will go a month later. At first I thought I still got plenty of time to be with them before they leave. I'm trying to go back my hometown to see them often nowadays.

However, yesterday heard a sad news from my sis. Her son plans to go with his father by this weekend. Such a short notice which I don't have much time to see my nephew for more. It suddenly made me feel sad. I know I'll miss them very much especially my nephew.

I will sad and cry when someone or something lost or not beside me anymore that used to be...I'm so silly even though I know I still can see them but I'll be reluctant to see them leaving me. I feel even more sad because my parent will more lonely without them around. All the while the family accompany my parent more than us who are working in KL.