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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Can Sleepless Cause Emotional Out of Control?

I had a monday bluesss and emotional out of control. Was shouted at my colleague bcos of a case.. I donno why suddenly my mood become so bad and gone like mad??!! is it bcos i'm too tired tat day?? I do not sleep well a night before... That day I only had a bread in the morning until at nite only had my dinner...before dinner I went home rush for an order to pass to my fren later after dinner.. guess wat? my hand shaking when doing the crystal thing. I had headache and can't concentrate on wat am I doing and can't see things clearly...

Because of the incident in the office, I do not wish to work on next day. So just take a leave and rest. Give me sometime to calm down my emotion..

Today back to work but feel dizzy since woke up. Hope I wont fall down suddenly in the day.


I am just god damn beautiful said...

take it easy women!

Anonymous said...

(lyn) Dont worry....be happy!!! DOnt work out.. too much le :)

coconino said...

u only had small breakfast (1 bread) and dinner, must be the diet n and sleepiness tat caused ur emotional outburst.

take some rest whenever u can alright. u deserve it!