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Thursday, December 02, 2004

China Public Toilet

This morning read an email about China toilet. Now only I remembered I had bad experience while in China. Their public toilet really dirty and narrow. I'm so scared to go those public toilet until I hold myself for long to search for nicer restaurant or hotel's toilet. There is one time I have to go to the underground plaza toilet, and before enter the toilet there is a sign mentioned those toilets only for ladies. I thought is ok but then when entered inside really dirty and dark. Well because emergency so I have to go in. Who knows the door can't lock! Not only this frighten me, the most scary thing is I can see people passing thru in front of the door no matter gals or guys! then I only know that alure is the route to carpark leh! It is so unsecure.


Anonymous said...

(lyn) I know how you feel. I frequent china and i always have a mini umbrella with me. When i need to page mother nature, i just open it and face forward. No one can see unless you squat down and they pass by to peek on you from the top. Wah Lau! As for the stench, i have Vicks Inhaler readily available... trust me... Very helPful!!!!!HEheheh