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Saturday, December 18, 2004


Now, I am alone at home feel lonely and isolated from the world. I hate such feeling. No one around me even my family or my friends. I need someone to talk to but I don't know who should I talk to. The only one is thinking of someone....I really can't do anything at the moment and can't forget everythin. I wish I can go somewhere else for long to forget those unhappiness and start a new life. I really wish to......


coconino said...

so sorry to hear that u are experiencing such a down moment, tho i am too far to reach out, u can come online n buzz me. I will always be there for u.

cheers. it's a new year, be thankful of wat u have been blessed with: family and friends. Tat may help to get rid of ur blue. :)

Shirlyn said...

thanks my dear glad to hear what you said. I'm ok now. sometimes just a short moment having down period.