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Friday, December 17, 2004

How to find true love?

Can anyone tell me what is true love? How to find it? I am clueless to make a decision for the case I will mention after this.

"If someone that love you very much until he lost control to do something that hurt you and make you sad. You will think it is impossible for you being together with him. The final decision should be break up or still with him? The factor for you to make decision is he really really loves you as much as he can which can give you everything. He is very good sometimes as a boy friend. But in other hand because of too love you which scared to loose you then make him not
trust you and suspect you and did something harsh without control. His starting point is for good but indirectly hurt your and he still not notice it or not admit the mistakes. He said you are wrong because you suppose not to do something that hurt him. You should treat him well as what he did to you. So, what will do you from this situation?"

For your opinion, you will get someone that love you very much or you love him more? If you choose he loves you more than you love him, what if he did something hurt you and you can't be with him anymore, and some other reasons like financial unstable will it under your consideration to leave him or love him?

Hope someone can leave me some advices here...thank you.


Renganathan said...

Does Money decides everything,,,,, Of Course money in needed to roll on the life but not to share the loveliness feelings.

Money can be earned at anytime with a peaceful mind and steady growth environment.....