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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sis R.O.M.

Today is my 3rd sis register of marriage. We went to Brickfield chinese temple. First time been there and the place better than Tian Hou Gong. Not so crowded with couples. It started with praying. Chanted by monk. Then only proceed to register. The registration took about half an hour. The person in charged talk a lot. When my sis announced as married I felt emotional. First happy for her...at last after so many years she finally got married. Now left me alone still single among the siblings. I also felt a little sad about myself...how I wish I can get married and have a family soon also....

After all the process including photos sessions (will post the photos later when I got it from others) then we all adjourned to One World Hotel Cinnamon Coffee House for buffet lunch...it is 68++ per person and buy 3 free 1 with Amex card. Love the settings...taken some pics, will upload later and who u guys... Not bad la the food...still acceptable. Nice place to hang around and enjoy the food. Quite a big restaurant.

My feeling now - need someone besides me, love me, supports me....and I need faith with someone

At the moment misses someone...expecting something but it doesn't happen. Was wondering what is happening...am I wrong? When you have hope but it is gone now what will you feel? What can I do? Wait and do nothing? Or confront? I really donno... :(


Tweets said...

Congrats to your sis. Congrats to Fanny also.

Hey, don't worry. You'll find yours but maybe not now. I understand the feeling of dunno-what's-happening. Maybe you can confront the issue and solve it. Because the anticipation and expectation is worse than if you get the answer (either good or bad).

Shirlyn said...

let things go by and will see by then what should I do... I have no guts at the moment. I'm thinking too much. My own problem probably..sigh

coconino said...

When I was 15 I wanted to know how life would be 10 years later. As I am in my 20s now, the expectation is shorter and I myself want to know what would happen in a yr or two... we are all on the same boat. Hang in there.

if u feel compelled to express yourself then go ahead! We are not living in a suppressing masculine world no more.