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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Out of One's Mind 神不守舍

These few days always out of mind especially today. May be cause by down mood. Can't even eat much, can't sleep well, can't concentrate, can't even study my exam coming soon next week. The worst one is I don't even know I'm driving...and forgotten lock my car when go to do class...but lucky nothing happened. I felt everything bad to me...even the cheque deposit machine. The cheque stucked, then do drop cheque manually and the machine given problem also. Why must be like this? When you are not in good condition everything to you are bad as well??? So unfair.

There are many things happened to me lately. Not a good one. Made me depressed. No way out. Hope I can find an escape to get myself a breath. I just need a friend who can talk to me. A friend that will not walk away from me. I have friends...but true friends not many. Those who can really talk to you...listen to you...really really hard to find. Thanks to my gal friends from far even willing talk to me and listen to me....compare to those near me. sad. Only can trust is my close girls friends instead any guy around me. No one can be trusted. No one can believed. I'm easily fall and get hurt...I don't want anymore. Be tough and independent bah. No hope.


coconino said...

girl, hang in there. Just remember, it's not you! Don't blame yourself. Please focus on what you are facing ahead of you, the exam is EVERYTHING!

Tweets said...

Hi, what happened to you lately?

Don't look into things too detailed, too serious...there are other things better that you might have overlooked that might make you happy. If a thing makes you unhappy, just move on because happiness might just be next to you. Don't think so much.

Shirlyn said...

Thanks for the advices... *HUGS* :)