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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Highway - KL-Putrajaya

A new highway opened which is KL Putrajaya highway. I found out this highway opened about last 2 weeks ago. That night super jam at KL-Seremban highway so I saw this exit before kuchai lama exit and it is straight to the place I live. So I just take a chance try the new highway...it is fast way without traffic jam. Best thing is no toll all the way. Then last week I try the highway again and this time from my house to Pavilion. The highway leads to KL town and exit from Jln Tun Razak. Only 1 toll to pass by but now still free. I just took 10 mins to reach KL without traffic jam. Same thing came back from town to my house within 10 mins. I so like the highway. Convenient and fast to me! Will use it more often when going down to KL. It is also leads to kuchai lama and I can skip traffic jam along KL-Seremban highway if I'm going to PJ. hiak. nice nice. For those havent try yet pls use it!