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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hang Out @ Souled Out

Last Friday Stephannie said to have hang out together. So just call some of them from Vialentino community to come out meet at Souled Out. As you know I went there after class. Before arrive there thought of have some light food and just a juice. Never thought of drink any alcohol since I stopped for so long. More than 2 years I think. But Steph keep asking me beer or wine. duh. OK lar since long time only come out once like this then mar just drink a bit. We ordered Kilkenny. Sorry no Stout...which I used to drink.
This is the Kilkenny look like. It is better than beer but if got stout better. But Steph doesn't like it. I tried this before when I used to hang out at Laundry. OK mar. The Dunhill not mine yeah. I don't smoke :p I had total 2 cups of this...one treated by Uncle Johnson. hehe. Thanks! because he was late so we just wut him buy us one round. hiak. Aiyoh tell you guys...now I can't drink anymore lor. After 2 cups of Kilkenny I felt high high dei liao. So fast. If last time still boleh tahan one. Die lor..easily get drunk if like this. Nah...don't think of make me drunk if you got chance! sob sob.

As usual some of us will bring camera out. Nothing to do besides drink and chat. so we also take photos la. All are blogger what. haha. Here some pics taken that night.
Only 6 of us. fanny ffk due to some reason. others can't make it.
My lovely sis...StephannieThree gals (moi, steph, lyn) with JohnyThree gals with Johnson aka Uncle Johnson aka Vialentino

Nothing special or occassion to hang out. Just another chill out night. I had wee wang wang after got home but not straight to sleep till 3am. hiak. mind me :p


Seashell said...

Thanks sis for not putting up that ugly & oily picture of me like uncle Johnson did on his blog!