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Friday, October 22, 2004

What am I doing lately?

nahhh woman...don say I no update my blog lar...created few new posts already.

Wat am I doing lately?? normal daily routine...go to work, go to gym, go home! tats all for time being...hee hee.. I donno why lately I feel tired easily and wanna rest early... although slept average 7-8 hours per day still feel sleepy... May be did too much workout gua... I remembered 1 of the day in this week I had 3 gym classes continuously in a nite! hahaha crazy? yeah I think I am!!!

I had a peaceful week cos having cool down period between me n my bf... I donno whether we r broke off or till wat stage..don wanna think abt it at the moment...wat I know just I am having peaceful mind now and enjoying the time I have now...future things will think about it later.

Besides workout, I'm busy doing my business website including editing pictures, catalog, web hosting etc and also making the orders... The website now just has temporary pages with only 1 product up...if u guys interested can go n see it...


give comments or any helps like info, programming etc from u I'll accept also hee hee...


Judy Chow said...

Shirlyn, nice website you having for your business. sorry I don't know any web programming can't help, but I truly support you once this site is launch..I love necklace very much. gambateh! you can make it!