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Thursday, October 20, 2005


I'm known as easily get hurt woman hehehe. I always get hurt on back, knees, ankles, hands etc. The most happening is I get bruises very very easily and fast!

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The knee bruises got it from Cardio Dance class taught by Jimmy. That time doing Jazz dance and need to kneel on the floor. Immediately after the class i got all these bruises. Big patch some more!

The finger bruises got it from Cardio Dance class also but this time do different dance and needed clap hand. I donno how I clap until I hit my middle finger and immediately see black black already. almost whole finger got blue black. Once I hit it (may be hit the nerve) I felt very painful and heating and swollen n changing color.

Wonder what's wrong with me. Why I got bruises so fast? My blood got problem?


Tony said...

Maybe y fan siu yan, hahahaha.... better go to ta sui yan, to make all the siu yan go away from u.

better take care next time in ur class, but i cant imagine how come clap hand also can hurt ur finger.

Shirlyn said...

hahaha body get bruises also relate tat I fan siu yan??

I think is my blood circulation not good gua :p

Nobody can imagine clap hand also hurt like this lor! But it happened to me not once but few time already :(

Tony said...

Got,got relation. since the siu yan bring u un-lucky, then it may cause u something like that...
ahahahah...just kidding la.

if u feel so, body circulation not good, then better go body check up.

u clap hand while u bend ur finger right? especially ur middle finger, coz u afriad ppl will said u point ur middle finger to him, thats y u bend it in right? ahhah... really cant imagine.

Shirlyn said...

no la...i just clap as normal. due do bcos it is fast pace to clap so sometimes may not clap correct position. u know the impact quite strong if position not right. Imagine fingers hit fingers quite painful one.

Judy Chow said...

so pain to see ur leg blue black n ur finger...take care my fren, dun over do la..