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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Plan for tomorrow holiday and weekend!!

Hurray!! Tomorrow is Selangor holiday and I waited for holiday such a long time since I join this company in June. No holiday at all between the period. Well of course I pandai to take MC or unpay leave one hehehe. Sometimes really need a rest from working.

OK my first plan for tomorrow with gym friends is go belly dancing class in the morning at uptown then go Isetan shopping (it's presale tomorrow) then join Madonna Body Jam media launch at SPK then join cardio dance at Axis. Due to no belly dancing class so ok la change to 2nd plan...clean my room then afternoon go shopping and then go SPK. Who knows today the plan need to be changed again!! Due to PM's wife passed away this morning and heard that the Madonna class cancelled!?? so now still donno wat's my plan for tomorrow but for sure will clean my room, go bank, get IC etc etc...seem like I got a lot things to do =p

Find that all my time hooked up with gym and can't get free time to do other things such cleaning room :D but I can't help stop gym for a day wor...time management time management!

Weekend schedule as usual go gym lor...hopefully Saturday Madonna media launch class at Curve still on ler...this kind of theme class allow u to dress up. so this time can dress up like Madonna. The best dressed up might win Madonna concert ticket in Japan!! woooo... but I got no idea how can I dress up + not Madonna fans...hehehe. But her latest single "Hung Up" nice.

Tonight going to join freestyle step class. It was basic step class but started this month changed to intermediate step. I'm looking forward to join cos I hardly join step class and step to me is a challenging class. You have to remember the moves + combos. You will get satisfaction once u can do it!! I'm just started to join regularly in step so still basic but enter intermediate class oh...hehehe so scary sometime cos a bit phobia fell down from board. Will join more as my routine so can master it kekeke.

The class I like and join often now are Body Jam, Cardio Dance, Step, Hi Lo, Body Step. The rest I like too but not much time. But still will join if time allow. Wanna build my stamina la. My coming plan will like to go for Body Balance class as well cos need flexibile body la. Gotta ready everything before I take up Body Jam training course in coming December. *pray*


Tony said...

Si envy u have holiday at Friday. we don have holiday on Friday because all our holiday have been shifted to Deepavali n Hari Raya holiday....so have to replace now. Somemore this morning is raining morning, its very good to sleep. hehehehe...so miss my bed.

Shirlyn said...

oh then u have longer holiday during deeparaya lar...good also wor.

I slept late yesterday n this morning woke up very early n then shop for whole day....very tired now

Tony said...

hello, u there?

how's life over there?

Shirlyn said...

ya ya still alive here. wanna die also cannot. been thru a hard time past weekend. suddenly mood so down and sad for the life.

now i'm fine :)

how abt u, Tony?

Tony said...

oooii...what happen???

I tot u have a great weekend going out shopping last weekend....

Ya, sometimes i have this symptom as well, but life just keep on, so don think so much next time ok?

hope u getting better n stay away from this symptom.

me, emmm....for me, bc helping my sis to jaga shop, coz near to deeparaya, n d shop is in malay area, so many ppl pass by n need to jaga things.

Shirlyn said...

no worries...its just a flash symtoms. on n off i got such symptom n cant really get rid of it one.

yeah i did shopping but just bought few things only. then went gym.

sometimes i find weekend more busier than weekdays n more tired n less sleep leh...may be bcos too tired n make me feel down lor.

wats ur sis selling? sure good biz la cos a lot ppl hehehe. soon u got ur holiday rite?

Tony said...

Yes, for me, i'm more busier in weekend than weekday. Like last Sat i drive from 11am till 6pm+, can u imagine? n the main point is, i just drive around KL only. When im home, i feel my leg pain. Then i think how good is it if im working, coz not such tire compare to drive for half a day.

My sis ah....no la, small business only. somemore if good biz also i have no shares there, so at the end also same... They r selling 'chap fo' one...hahah....

no wonder just now no reply la, seems like bc typing another blog..hehehhehe..

Shirlyn said...

hahaha u reply the time i'm typing my new post.

u siao ar? drive in KL for half a day??? jam is it? if for me sure i'll dead fish when home hehehehe

Tony said...

Start my Journey from Subang. Then reach Sg Buluh about 1 hour. Then rush to Jalan Raja Laut n drive about 1 hour cos really traffic jam. then buy things n lunch there. After that bout 3pm, drive to Sg Long for about 1 hour, then after settle things over there, drive back to Subang at 6pm +. so reach home almost 7pm liao.

so do u think i'm siao or not...heheheheh...

Shirlyn said...

hahaha u r not siao but really can drive :p u can round KL n Selangor in a day. Sg Buluh n Sg Long very far away leh...u must b something important to do only do like this. if not i really wan to say u siao again hehe