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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Feel more tired and blur recently

Lately no matter how early I sleep I still feel tired and sleep at work. Wonder why? I think I got problem with my health. Lack of vitamis probably???

At work can't concentrate. Easily get frustration. When I do programming I fall asleep very fast! It is not like that last time. Started this week my company setup a firewall to block some sites and not allow to download any mp3s anymore. And try not to suft net much nowadays. What I usually hang out now most of the time at fitness-fever.com. there can talk abt gym stuffs. if anyone interested can go in the forum to read abt.

Yesterday I was so sad and frustrated. why am I so stupid? I just noticed that I do not backup some important data when I did format on my laptop last week!! What I lost were those crystal photos I've taken since the day we started flea market. Quite a number of photos and now all my efforts gone =(( I've to retake and some already sold. Unable to take back same thing. Worst thing is I suppose got a copy in my camera memory card but due to my sis wanna borrow for trip last week. I thought I did upload to my laptop and straight format the memory card! gosh... everything gone... *cry* not easy to take those photos leh....combined days and quite tired to take. Now I have to get some time to retake...sob sob.