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Monday, October 22, 2007

Busy Week

Yeah this week will be quite busy lor especially weekend.

Tuesday - go to Jaya33 and will give Clement a surprise farewell..just a short one and will give him a gift and cake...

Wednesday - 2 wave classes (yeah replace Eng Guan one...not sure got as many members as his one or not)...after wave then is TT with Clement for BJam class. I will be taking over this class next week onwards. (also got pressure since clement's class got many members)

Thursday - so far so good...no class no appointment...may be just go to gym do some cardio and weights.

Friday - Wave class then an early birthday dinner for Larry. He will buy us steamboat at sri petaling. just few of us in the family.

Saturday - (wonder is this day very good day?) why I ask? because I've got a lot invitations fall on this day! 1. Wedding dinner @ Klang - rejected...2. TF Gathering buffet @ Shogun (I wish I can go one) - rejected...3. Farah's daughter 1st year party - rejected...4. Osman & Mike open house cum raya party - going with the gang...it's pot luck...will be about 40 plus ppl. Expecting to see everyone around :D

Sunday - 1. Wedding dinner (used to be my very best friend in primary but long time no in touch) - rejected..pai seh leh but no choice...another more important party have to attend 2. Clement's Farewell party (he is leaving to BKK for work). So Sunday will be busy day also...need to prepare food and party starts at 5pm. I'm in charging food list for all the guests...pot luck party as well. Forsee sure bz bz preparing food..decor house..preparing etc etc... but will be fun.

Hope I won't cry when the time clement leaving la...he is one of my close sisters leh...just like a family for 5 of us.