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Monday, October 01, 2007

Gym Classes

Yesterday was my last day for Hartamas Jam class. This is my first own class. It started since May and it can't last long. Sad for the end but is good also to let go. I don't get encouragement from the class...Anyway it is expected.

I still have other classes to maintain...and some new one coming. I don't want to give up all my efforts even I know is hard for me. But will try. Now what I need to do is concentrate on my career on both work and gym. Others may be think later. May be one day I can have a changed and do what I wish to do. Will work on it. I don't want let others affect it.

Right now only have 2 permanent classes and both Wave - Wed 8pm Taipan and Fri 7:30pm Jaya33. But I donno how long I can maintain...look like it is not doing good also. Wave reminded me someone that always supported the class. Without this person it seems no meaning anymore.

By end of this month will have a permanent Jam slot on Wed 9:10pm Taipan. And when TF Pavilion opened I will have Sat Jam class as well. I hope I can get more classes. So I can make myself more busy and no time to think something else. I need encouragement which I've lost it right now. I need the energy I've got it from someone but no longer at the moment. Pick up myself bah.


~hushling~ said...

Hi there, not very sure what has happened, don't know what went wrong. But I hope you really can stand up and be tough. You still sounded so lovely last week when I called you. I thought you were busy, so didn't talk much. I can be your listener if you need one. Cheers & HUGS!

Shirlyn said...

hi dear...I was at wedding dinner when u called me. tat nite i'm still ok and cant be too sad infront of friends. but over the weekend everything went down. nway thanks offering listen from me...I'll find u if i need. *hugs*

jazz2dmax said...

Hey good for u that u have a new jam slot... just try to be positive in whateva u do. i'm sure good thing will come in your way ;)

SC said...

Hallo...hey, hang in there, its not easy juggling work and classes, huh? I'm sure you will pull through, after all, you laways have a positive outlook, right?

Su-Yee said...

hi babe, let's have more positive thinking.look at the bright side...you have few new jam slot:)
also, you r young and vibrant, balancing within work and classes.
have a job/profession.
healthy and alive:)
need i say more?
so many frens encourage u and willing to share their time with you.....come on gurl...dun let yourself down.
"love yourself, and good things will come"