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Monday, October 01, 2007

No Regret

I have no regret of what I've done so far. To me to express myself is nothing wrong. I will do what I like to do. I will say what I wish to say. May be wrong is my expectation is high and when things not as what you plan, what you wish to see made you disappointed. Is like you have hope but it is suddenly gone. Very sad. I'm sad and heartache seeing a beautiful thing going well but out of sudden it just ended without reasons. Do I still have hope to make it right? Can it be done? Never try never know. But just need a chance for it. Lots of things that we can't control. What you see it now may not same at later. It's life. Start questioning why is it must be like this? Why can't we just happy facing what we are facing now and be brave to overcome it? I always wish I can just do anything I wish to happily without thinking of other problems. Life forced you can't do so. There is always a word "move on" to everyone when things not as what you think. Is it move on can help? I don't know...just keep it as memories may be. There is still hope may be. No one knows....

No regret to yourself...be happy of what you had...hoping there it is better in front of you...