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Saturday, October 06, 2007


I'm not sure is it the communication break down or is the person changed...we seem not talking as much as previously. Sometimes I do have lots of things wanna share but no chance at all. I'm not sure why and what is happening. Communication is important but also need efforts on it. May be now is not the right timing. I'm not the right one. I wish I can do something to make it better. But I can't...should take it easy and let it be? I wish I can do so...let's pray.

One thing to me is no matter how busy I am and if I'm willing to spend time on something or some person I will make the time. I will put efforts on it. I have hope to see a result. How about u?


Andrew said...

Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected.

As long as you know you're doing good for others and yourself, no one's getting hurt, it will all be alright.

Just give and never expect much in return.

Simply said, don't have so much expections lar :)

my 2 cents, andrew the man'drew

Shirlyn said...

thanks for your advice "man"drew :D
ya agree with you..no expectation no disappointment. give and never expect returns will be the best. but may be I'm not so 'wai tai' la :p

I hope what I'm doing not hurting anyone and hope I won't get hurt as well...been thru terrible hurts and don't wish to have it again