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Friday, May 09, 2008

Another Busy Cum Tiring Day

Back from Malacca trip at around 10+pm. It was superb tired. After bath...online a while then head to bed already. Because next day I gotta crawl up to go for a replacement class at 9:30am! After finished class. Rush to Hartamas Shopping Center for my very very FIRST Manicure and Pedicure. I also did nail art as well. I do this is for my one of my best friend's wedding dinner la. If not I won't waste such money for such mah fan finger nails. Know what..after done everything in about 2+ hours...yeah very long time hoh. Then I went toilet and immediately my finger nails scratched. aiseh...don't think I can carry such thing since I'm so cou lou. :p

Seem that I have a lot FIRST time for my best friend's wedding huh. Waxing and all these mani pedi...cure la. well well well...first time mar just try all la. But I do like the waxing...will do again geh. manicure wor...errr a bit waste money. haha.
Nah...this is part of the finger nails pattern...different patterns on different nails. I put it blue because my fren's wedding dinner is BLUE theme. My toe nails also blue color but no drawing. I think I know how to draw also. very simple one. If I have time will learn. hiak.

I was super hungry since morning not eating anything. The manicure only finished at 3pm. duh. So just scout around the mall see what can eat. Just right infront of the manicure salon got this sandwich bar. I saw ppl eating the sandwich looks nice. Then decided to sit down and have it while waiting for a friend to meet me for discussion.

The shop name San Terri Cafe. They sell many types of sandwiches (and others food but I didn't notice la) and also very beautiful cakes which make me wanted to try all.
This is half of the shop selling cakes...on the left is the sandwich bar. I remember was told their cakes are nice. Really beautiful and display nicely...make you wanted to try all leh.I ordered a sandwich something call ETC ...cant remember hehe. But inside with egg and bacon and some vege. The dressing you can choose ...I chose olive dressing. I think they got wasabi dressing also. Seriously it is really delicious. Selling at RM6.90. consider reasonable price la. And I ordered hot chocolate and love it. Not sweet at all. smells good also. My friend also ordered another type of sandwich and commented taste good also.Then we share this strawberry pie. There are too many choices until I don't know what to choose. So just ask my friend chose one. Delicious. If I will be there again I would like to have their sandwich and cake again.

After the discussion I rushed like mad to get back home change and to a replacement class at Taipan within an hour from Hartamas. hehe. Just a slightly late only. It's been a long time and non stop for me. KO at night.