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Thursday, May 08, 2008

At Last I'm Blogging Again...

Actually I am officially free since last Tuesday...returned everything on Monday evening but still have to go back next day morning to get my pay check. But since then I never got a time to rest. Not even say got time to blog yet I have things to write. sob sob...

After collected the check then I am happily leave the company. hehe. And I went for arms and legs waxing. Heard friend said there is an indian shop cheap at waxing in Bangsar. I was looking for it for a while then finally found it. Never thought of pain or not just do it. haha. It was my FIRST time doing it also. Not pain one la...it is quick one. Cheap though.

Then called up a siao gang to join them for lunch. FIRST time joining them. too bad ahhou not around. Had a simple vegetarian lunch but with good companion n laughters. Thats good for them that can always have lunch together since all working nearby. Before meeting up and since I'm around damansara heights so I just went over to Plaza Damansara area to buy some cream puff from Just Heavenly. After the lunch I had 1 cream puff and others had half or quarter. But xpeace ended up had 1 and quarter puff. He kept screaming super full! hiak.
The cream puff...cold one. I bought half dozen. Although it looks small but once you had one you will feel full.See how much cream inside. Yeah a lot cream..very sinful but nice...heheChocolate and Cheese cake. That day just feel like having choc cake. Had it when visiting my friend to discuss biz website after the lunch.Just show how it looks like inside. choc cake below. Cheese above. nice but sinful. Had a very very full lunch and tea time :p. I'm suppose not to have so much just a day before Malacca trip!! OK next one...Malacca trip post hehe


Pauline Wong said...

wow! very delicious cake!!!! YUMMY!!!
So many posts hurray~ keep up w the good work:)

Shirlyn said...

yeah delicious cake.
haha i have more to write but lazy again :p some too many photos to edit la