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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Malacca Food Feast Trip

1st May 2008 - Labour Day aka Malacca Road Trip Food Feast

On Labour Day, we all planned very very early to have this breakaway trip to Malacca hunting for food. So everyone will not have holiday classes due to most are instructors. We some more planned what to should not missed. OK the day has arrived which we all looking forward. All gather at my place at 7am. Then start our food journey since then. 9 hungry ghost (hmmm wait...who said we are hungry ghost?) but nvm...after seeing all the food pics we had then you all will call us hungry ghosts. We've prepared our empty stomach for the food of the day! I've lost count what we had in the end. You don't surprised what we had in total! Let's start counting from the beginning together la...I'm listing every food we eat by order on that day. I won't be writing details of each food since among us already blogged it. You can check out the details of the food, locations, whole day itinerary please got to below links:
1. ahhou's Malcca Xcapade - Food Attack
2. jazz2dmax ep1-4

More photos check out here.

FYI, all the pics special thanks to ahhou, jazz2dmax and wabbit. I brought my camera but lazy bring along and lazy take photos. Have theirs enough la. some more 2 new cameras around. cukup!

Food #1: Dim Sum
partially dim sum you can see here...of course we had more than these. May be start of the day we all hungry...Don't know what this call. It is like combination of char siew pau and loh mai kai. Inside some more got salty egg yolk and button mushrooms. Nice! Besides this nice their char siu pau also nice. The dim sum ok la.

Food #2: Pineapple Tart
Now only I know that Malacca also famous with pineapple tart. Almost every where we go can see these selling. Not bad.

Food #3: Cendol
First Cendol when arrived around Jonker Street. Not really nice. Too few cendol and not enough gula melaka.

Food #4: Eight Precious Cendol
As you know the name it contains 8 ingredients but I donno what all haha. But I can tell you this is the nicest cendol I had on that day. The gula melaka also a lot. Got 2 types. One is normal one with durian. both nice! Must try.

Food #5: Nyonya Nasi Lemak
I like this. The curry chicken and especially the sambal super nice. Will have it again when I visit Malacca.

Food #6: Nyonya Curry Laksa It is delicious! The curry is different what we had in KL. Must try as well.

Food #7: Lemongrass Chicken Wings
I love chicken wings. So this to me is nice as well. got lemon grass taste. I like.

Food #8: Chicken Rice
We were too full at the time we wanted to try this. We got attracted by the scent of the chicken rice. So we queued and ordered 3 persons quantity for the sake of trying. 20 chicken rice balls and a plate of chicken. So so only. Nothing special. But with the pat pou leung char cooling us down in an aircond room consider a good idea. haha.

Food #9: Cake & Coconut
2 cakes but I donno what cakes. Just tried 1 small pcs for the sake of trying. Home made cakes. Quite nice. I prefer the 2nd one. And I had the coconut drink. Help me cool off myself since it is very very damn super hot day!!

In between we stopped at Old Town Kopitiam had Peanut and Kaya Prata and Egg toast with kaya. Then we hunt for Rojak and Tai Bak but no luck.

Food #10: Tan Kim Hock Cendol (no pic)

Food #11: Popiah
I can say 2nd best of the day. I really like this popiah. Will buy whenever I go Malacca. It comes with 2 sizes. small and big. Usually I will have big one. Trust me...small ones not enough one. The ingredients inside very tasty esp with the pork lard. hehe. Must try!

Food #12: Fried Oyster (Oh Jien)
Not nice. Overall don't feel the oyster at all. Only starch. Egg also little.

Food #13: Satay Celup
The best of the day leave at the end. Our last meal of the day. Although the restaurant super hot and stuffy but we enjoyed the food. I like the most are pork meat ball, kangkung, yau char guai and the fried wan tan. nice nice nice & yum yum yum!

That's the foods of the day! We seemed ate alot but I don't feel that we stuffed ourself till our tummy bloated la. We just keep eating non stop but lucky all are in sharing basis. Not too bad. In total the food we had cost us less than RM50 each person. OK what..right?

OK enough for food...here some fun pics...I just picked some only...the more candid shots refer to
1. ahhou's
Kodak Moments
2. jazz2dmax ep1-4

Love this group look down pic...all heads in one photos. nice nice.our foot our hands
who's hand and foot?....answers in ahhou's blog
candid group pic...aiya donno wat am I doing..not ready yet..ish ish
Better group pic. And I'm loving it! one and only jeng geng group pic yoh.

errrr some highlight here...haha...check out the pic below...then you will know how super hot on that day! they said is sexy back...I would say is sweaty back..yick
whole back with sweat...more than I do a class. haha. You really can't imagine how hot was the day!! After the day I got sun tanned on whole back, shoulders and chest leh.


jazz2dmax said...

nickname - sweatyback... hiak!! translate into cantonese - "lau hon bui chiek"

hiak hiak!!!! LOL

Shirlyn said...

sei poh jazzy...once comment give me such nickname. bleh bleh bleh
so yuk suin leh the name...don't wan

Daphne Yeoh said...

Wah lau all the food veli nice ler...

Shirlyn said...

the food pics are nice have to thanks to the photographers la. with the good skills and good camera. haha. but most of the food yummy :D

Lily Calla Lily said...

your back and your shoulders kena sun tan I can understand la but your CHEST also kena??!! How did that happen??!!!

Shirlyn said...

hohoho...chest also got la...i can see a round shape infront my chest. cos my baju quite low in front n round one mar :p

jazz2dmax said...

wah seh... yueh liang yuen (round like a moon mar) ;p

Pauline Wong said...

wow wow wow!!! seems like a lot of food in one day :P
and there's my fav chicken ball rice and durian cendol ^_^ cannot tahan cannot tahan :)

Shirlyn said...

Hey Pauline, yalor stuffed too much food in 1 day. But food delicious nvm.
chicken rice ball so so only la. but the cendol really nice.