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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This month I have BStep replacement on Tuesday very early morning 7:15am in YF Centro Klang. yeah very eary hoh. I have to wake up at 5:30am leh. Lucky just for this month. haha. Really beh tahan to do step early in the morning. Some more the studio no aircond. stuffy till make me all sweat.

OK last tuesday was first day doing it. After the class wanna to have nice breakfast. Thinking the loh mee that I long time no eat. It is very nice loh mee. With more vinegar. wahhh sedap nya. Let's see the pic. The shop located at OUG new Sun Ho Restaurant. It is quite famous loh mee. Alot ppl eat one. The mee is home made one. Don't have kan sui taste. The pork with starch and it is very smooth one. The soup itself very tasty. Must try if you go there. hehe. The loh mee plus the fresh cucumber juice...very jeng! the juice very refreshing leh. Ilike.
loh mee
fresh cucumber juice

Some nice tarts from a small stall same as the restaurant above. The aunty selling these call Aunty Ann. All the tarts made by her husband and herself. They used to live in German. So I believe its German pastry. Below just 3 types out of many of them. There are alot different tarts..got egg tart, blueberry cheese tart etc. I don't remember all. You go there see yourself. Their tarts also selling fast.
Cream tart. Nice.Chocolate chip tart. There are many types like this. On top different flavour.Coconut tart

It is a last minute arrangement to have dinner with Fanny and Steph. After class in Jaya33 went to The Curve. Meet them at Empress Cafe. As usual I ordered the same food...Chicken Pie. hehe. Don't know why I always order this. May be it is nice. For those havent know about the pie can see the pic below.

Other food on last Thursday & Friday.
On Thursday went Bangsar area to shop those boutiques do some market survey. After the long walk then stop at Delicious to have lunch cum dinner? around 3+pm. I ordered this. Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik. It is nice. Every time I went to Delicious will just had pie or salad or pasta. This time try something different. Not bad ar.
On Friday also a last minute arrangement to have a gathering for Vialentino community. Just few of us. Decided go to Souled Out. I went there after class. As usual feel hungry if in the makan place. So just order food. This is what I ate. Spicy noodle. new on their menu. Eh delicious wor. spicy some more. Very cute...all in a square thing...donno what is that haha. And Steph had squid salad. She said it is nice also.
The gathering outing photos will put on next entry :D

Remarks: I need wabbit desperately!!!!


Su-Yee said...

the spicy noodle from souled out in hartamas?

Shirlyn said...

yes it is from souled out