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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Another day

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Today my hair more curly rite? look like yesterday not too curly cos I don really apply gel. now I know with curly hair more troublesome. gotta take care more than straight one sigh... :( a lot said I look matured. got lui yan mei. haha. no more young gal to me lor.

better today but still got headache. wish can sleep more. last nite consider slept longer than usual but still look tired. wish can go home to sleep now.

Went FF last nite purpose to pay Body Jam training fee. yesterday was last day for the payment. So happy got a group of us who know each other joining the training. sure will be fun n tough.

Now I know the feeling not eating any food for long time. I din eat on sunday nite and next day just had replacement meal drinks morning n afternoon. the effect from these was unable to do anything without strength. feel dizzy n like going blackout. funny feeling on stomach. the feeling really hard to stand. no more to me


Tony. said...

I think u work on both work n jam n coz u too tired. maybe too much i think.

try to give urself more rest, don train so hard on ur body jam.. or reduces the number of time go to gym a week.

Take care Shirlyn.

Shirlyn said...

Tony, I don think I train myself in gym too much. I cant stop it cos my stamina very weak now so I have to join more to build it up again. If not unable to do well in training.

Stephannie said...

my dear sis! you look great with your curly hair! keep it up. =) I am back blogging and also started going to gym often now. You will where to see me from 8pm to 10pm. Life started to pick up after sinking for months. =)

Shirlyn said...

my dearest sis, welcome back n happy u r getting back ur life!!! all the while u at axis??? I shall look for u if I'm there! tonite I'll b there hope to c u. miss u so muchhhhh!!! we got very much to talk